Monday, 30 April 2012

Use Windows Phone GPS Emulator with a desktop application

Windows phone GPS emulator as the name suggests is a GPS emulator desktop application that helps you debug your windows phone 7 gps client application. You can get hold of the GPS Emulator here.
You can find more about how to use it in the Windows phone developer blog about GPS Emulator. However these resources are meant to be used for windows phone 7 development. What if you want to develop a desktop gps client application. Here comes the current post. Attached below are the GPSEmulatorClient resources needed to develop a desktop gps client application that makes use of the GPS emulator. The resources include a class library that you can include in your desktop client app and a test client app that demonstrates the usage. The usage is similar to the one explained for wp7 development . A requirement is that you need .NET4 because you need the System.Device.Location namespace that is introduced in this version.
You will need to download the GPS emulator and you will use that for emulating gps positions. To start writing a desktop client application you will need to download the GPSEmulatorClient resources below.
Download desktop GPSEmulatorClient

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Ian Marshall said...

I am not coding in .NET; I code my web application using Java and the Apache Wicket web framework. The application runs on Google App Engine web servers.

Nevertheless, I have subscribed to your blog because I know from experience that anything you say is worth listening to!

For fun, I have set up my own blog. You can find it at

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