Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Search trip from IDisposable to RDL

I opened the codeproject’s newsletter I am subscribed and picked a few articles. I picked those that were relevant to the things I am interested more,  I have worked in the past or relate to an idea that I am working on it. At first I read this article about IDisposable because an article about IDisposable is always interesting. It presents the right way to use this interface or at least it attempts to.

I then jumped to this article about HTML5 just because html5 is one of the best new things at the moment. It talks about Modernizr which is a javascript  library that detects what browser’s capabilities are compatible with the html5 spec. I also visited the concept of poly-filling the html5 gaps but I didn’t stay long because it seemed another trip on its own. So I bookmarked it for some other time.

I then visited the article presenting the JQtouch framework. JQtouch is a framework comprising a jquery plugin and some css to make easy the mobile development on the iPhone. It is similar to the iUi, I thought. Staying on the mobile area I jumped over to Skyhook wireless apis for location-based development. No comments, just use them when you need them.

A bit later I popped over to dependency injection in WPF using unity. I have recently worked with this and thought that it would be interesting to find something new but not really. But it is a basic start for someone who don’t know about it at all. Then I thought that I need to make a document paginator in WPF, lets see what you can do about it. It talks about making your own paginator rather than using a FlowDocument or a FixedDocument.

Oh, an http server in C#, it fascinated me in the past but I have not found a use for me yet. http servers in linux based devices are very common these days, but a windows mobile running an http server? I then remembered that I need a reporting mechanism in one of my projects. Sawiki is an RDL report generation engine which also reminded me of the RDL Project.

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